Travel Lust: Malta

Ah... the lovely island of Malta...

No, no, no! I'm talking about the chain of three islands of the southern coast of Sicily.
Though this island is a mere 120 square miles, it packs quite the punch of beautiful beaches, architecture, and history.
Anything in the Mediterranean Sea is really right up my ally. Is it just me, or does the sun seem to shine brighter there?
The most important thing to mention about Malta is that they do indeed have beaches. Beautiful beaches.
This is where I will be picturing myself this week at work when things get stressful.
I don't know if you've caught on to the trend here or not, but I like to go places that are warm, sunny, and surrounded by water.

Photos from: breedretriever.com, malta-holidays.org.uk, dxing.at-communication.com, europe-re.com, wikipedia, gotraveltalk.com


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