Travel Lust: London

This week's location may not have palm tree-lined beaches, but it is still on an island! I can't help myself- I like to be surrounded by water, I guess.

As D would say, I like things that are old. I think that is part of what draws me to London. That and the chance of running into Colin Firth or Jude Law.
 I would love to take a ride on bright red double-decker bus.
Or ride in one of their charming taxis. Beats the yellow things, yes?
One thing I love about the big cities in Europe (that I've seen) is they don't have as many of the big sky scrapers that we have. It gives the city a completely different feel. And one you can't seem to get here in the U.S.
 I would love to take a ride on the London Eye...
And see the changing of the guard...
And maybe even spot some royalty!
They are so darling...

Mind the gap!
London is one of those places I will mostly likely make it to in this life time. I can't wait. After all, I am, like, 1/16 British.

Have you been to London? Let me know what your favorite thing was!


Julie said...

I`ve been in London twice with my family, and my favorite activities was sightseeing in a double decker and Ripleys Belive it or not Museum!! :D We´re going back this fall and finally I`m going for a ride in London Eye!! ♥


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