A Play: Reasons to Be Pretty

This past weekend, my lovely boyfriend agreed to see a play with me. I think he only acquiesced because a review compared the show to Jersey Shore. Snookie was mentioned- he was sold.

None the less, we attended a matinee production of "Reasons to Be Pretty" put on by the Odeum Theatre Company- now in its second season.

"Reasons to Be Pretty" chronicles the consequences of an adoring boyfriend, Greg, making what he thinks is a harmless remark about his girlfriend, Steph's, average appearances. In typical girl fashion, she is unable to forget the hurtful comment and throws it back in his face until the very last moments of the play. The show also features the Greg's friend and work colleague, Kent, his wife Carly, and Kent's wandering eye.
Though I didn't have much in common with the characters on the surface, the play was very relatable. D and I found ourselves exchanging glances during the couple's outlandish arguments that said "we've been there before". We were reminded of how a small thing can ruin a relationship if you let things get out of perspective.

Though the show provided some serious perspective, it also kept you laughing from start to finish- best of both worlds!

I was impressed with all of the actors in the production, but one in particular stood out above the rest- Derick Snow who played the part of Kent. Everything from his mannerisms and accent to his delivery helped him play this role with perfection.

They weren't kidding when they said this show was for mature audiences only- the characters in this show had quite the potty mouths! I wouldn't suggest you bring your grandmother to this one.

Odeum Theater Company has one more show left in their 2010/2011 season, "Swimming in the Shallows" running from April 28-May 8. This comedy is also for mature audiences only!


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