Grown-Ups Have Snow Days, Too

I thought I would never see a snow day now that I am all grown up and have a big girl job. I mean, hospitals are always open! So when we got the prediction that there would be a blizzard rolling in Monday night, I was so prepared to dig myself out the next day that any Girl Scout would be proud.

And then I looked outside Tuesday morning. Snow. Wind. Buried Car. Bad news. And that piece of cardboard I had placed on my windshield to give me a head start? No where to be found.

There was no way I was going to be able to make it to work. I wasn't complaining-I very much enjoyed staying home and doing as I pleased. Except for the fact that it didn't pay anything.

The dogs enjoyed running laps in the backyard and getting covered in balls of snow for me to clean off.

This is as good of a picture I could capture of them- they never stayed still!
Most of the time, they were just wanting to come in from the cold!

When the snow stopped falling, I decided to get my snow gear on and start shoveling. I figured I'd be finished in the couple hours of daylight left, no problem!

And then I saw this:
And this:
And the worst- this:
With snow drifts above my knees, there was no way I was going to clear all that snow unless my neighbor happened to own a snow blower.

Adult snow days are far different than that of a kid. The latter is let off of school to make snow angels all day and get greeted with hot cocoa at the door. As a grown-up, you have to worry about making sure you have enough food, milk, and toilet paper to last your confinement. And you get to shovel snow.

That is exactly what I did today. For 5 hours. By myself.

And now my ski slope of a driveway looks more like a half-pipe:
So, tomorrow morning I will see if I can make it out of my street to work. I'm bringing my shovel just in case.


V. Furnas said...

Holy Cow that is crazy snow! In Ft. Worth we are sitting with a two inch sheet of ice waiting for the snow storm to start. Hope it isn't what hit your house...or we will never be able to leave the house.

Lauren said...

So glad we didn't get your ice! Are streets are already horrible enough as it is. Hope you were able to did yourself out!

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