Homemade Dog Biscuits

Yes, you heard me right. No, I am not crazy.

Last year, I brought home some bacon biscuits from Dog Dish for Maggie. She was like putty in my hand. My dog that usually ran in the opposite direction when called was suddenly bounding toward me when I spoke her name.

I needed more biscuits. STAT.

I wasn't too happy with paying the price tag there so I decided to do some research. Happily, I found a super simple recipe to make them at home:

 All you need is whole wheat flour, milk, bacon, cold water, salt, and  garlic salt- because dogs deserve a well-seasoned biscuits.
 Fry up the bacon until it is super crispy (the crispier the better) and then crumble it into small pieces. Make sure to save that bacon fat- we will use it later!
Next, throw everything into your favorite mixing bowl and douse in bacon grease, then add water until the dough comes together.
Roll out the dough until it's about 1/4" thick and then you can cut it out into your favorite shape. I stuck with a traditional dog bone because I thought cat-shaped biscuits would be too cruel.  Now, to the oven!

Voila- a doggie-approved stash of bacon biscuits that can get even my wild mongrels to do this:

These biscuits are to be used with caution as they are irresistible to canine companions (and apparently, my mother thinks they smell pretty tasty, too). Now I have these two hairy things following me everywhere I go!

 Bacon Dog Biscuits
5 c whole wheat flour
1 c milk
1 lb bacon
1 tsp garlic salt
Pinch of salt
1/2 c cold water

1. Fry bacon and crumble. Reserve bacon grease.
2. Add flour, milk, garlic salt and bacon to bowl and mix.
3. Stir in bacon grease.
4. Add cold water until dough is moist. Add more water if needed.
5. Roll dough out 1/4" thick and cut out shapes.
6. Bake on a cookie sheet 35-40 min @ 350 degrees

This recipe is very forgiving. You don't need to worry about overworking the dough because hey- it's for a dog! I didn't even need to flour my work station to roll it out.


Andrew said...

This is great! Can you provide some recipes for human food? I need to some options.

Taylor said...

Didn't you say Aunt Penny tried one.... or am I making that up?

Lauren said...

People food will be coming... I was working with what I had in the house since we're snowed in! Mom has tried the dog cake I made for Maggie's bday... she didn't think it was too tasty. Maggie did!

Brian said...

lol, I saw bacon and was like.... yeah... then I saw your cute dogs. That bacon looks good, Id still eat one!

Lauren said...

They're definitely edible- be my guest!

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