Eat, Pray, and Love Elizbeth Gilbert: A Book Signing

This past Saturday, I attended my very first book signing put on by Book Smart Tulsa. It featured none other that Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love- now a household name.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect out of this whole book reading concept- I could imagine it easily being a bore.

But let me tell you- that woman was delightful. I didn't really care if she was talking about her book or not; she could talk about the grass growing and still get a laugh out of the audience.
The evening began with a decree from the Mayor declaring it Elizabeth Gilbert Day here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm not sure how that ranks on her list of accomplishments but it was a charming touch!

The book signing was to promote her newest memoir, Committed, which chronicles the research and preparation she did leading up to her marriage to her sweetheart, Javier  Bardem. I mean, Felipe!
Seeing that I have just received a dozen books (literally) off of Amazon.com, I didn't have any intentions of buying her new book that night. But then she started reading from it... and I couldn't help myself! It was incredible!

The author chose a section of the fourth chapter in her book entitled "Marriage and Infatuation" to read to the standing-room-only crowd. On top of making everyone roll with laughter, the excerpt was so relatable and real- much like the author herself.

After the reading, Gilbert took questions from the audience and answered each of them with grace. She talked about the research that goes into writing each of her books- including reading hundreds of books for her last memoir, her feelings on the Hollywood adaption of her book (all positive), and her inability to keep up with daily meditation.

One audience member deeply inspired by Eat, Pray, Love asked Gilbert what authors or novels she looks to for inspiration. Gilbert recommended another memoir, A Three Dog Life by Abigail Thomas, and states that she also turns to Charles Dickens time and time again.
After questions were taken, the packed house filed down the aisle to have their books signed. Surprisingly, it did not take long at all!
Tulsa marked Gilbert's last stop promoting Committed and after all the publicity she claims that she is not going out into the limelight for a long time! I'm so glad I was able to see her!

If you missed this event be sure to mark the next Book Smart Tulsa signing in your calender- Yann Martel, the author of Life of Pi and a new novel Beatrice and Virgil, will be at Congregation B'nai Emunah March 1st at 7pm.


Roxanne said...

I HATE that I didn't know that was going on - I LOVED both of those books....Way cool.

Jackie said...

I wish I had known about the signing, too. Loved the book!

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