At the Ballet

Saturday night, I got treated to what is probably my most favorite of date nights: dinner and the ballet.

Tulsa Ballet put on a great production of Taming of the Shrew that made even my boyfriend laugh! And on his own freewill, nonetheless! There were no tutus in this ballet- it appealed to a broad audience with its laid back feel and comedic scenes making it a wonderful ballet for couples to enjoy.  The choreography did an excellent job of portraying all of the details of the plot just in case you weren't well versed in ballet pantomime. I also noticed that the symphony used a piano for this production- something I don't recall them doing in most of the ballets I have seen.

Going to see any performing arts event can be pricey. We were able to get our tickets half off and our seats could not have had a better view! Through subscribing to Tulsa Ballet's mailing list, you can receive great offers that make such luxuries affordable. You can visit their website here and enter your email address in at the bottom right hand side of the page.  You also may want to check with your employer- many businesses are offered discount tickets.

Tulsa Ballet still has two productions left in their season- don't miss out!


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