Travel Lust: Key West

It's still cold. There's still snow. I need to escape to somewhere warm.

At least in my mind!

Ahh.... Key West. The southernmost  point in the United States. I can feel the sand in my toes already.

Who could resist this 5 square miles of palm trees and white sand beaches? I love the bright- colored buildings that you find in cities by the beach. It adds so much charm!

Wouldn't it be lovely to rent a cute beach cruiser and explore the island? 

And with all that bike riding I could eat more of this:
Bad news though- the Blond Giraffe, the winners of Best Key Lime Pie eight years in a row, is no longer in business. Now I'll never be able to try their famous pie on a stick! 

I don't think I'd be able to resist taking a boat out for a spin. As a passenger, that is.

 And of course, I would have to stop buy the house Ernest Hemingway resided in when he lived on the island. Have to add in a little culture- can't be a complete beach bum!
Most of all, I would like to just park my tush in the sand and watch this every night:
Ahh.... What an unbelievable view.

Ever been to Key West? Let me know about you trip!

Photos from: akeywestwedding.com, virtualtourist.com, eatonbikes.com, southernliving.com, guardian.co.uk, vistadude.deviantart.com


Katherine said...

I've been there briefly....made a stop for a day on a cruise! It's an adorable little town that I would have loved to have gotten to see more of. I did a whirlwind tour -- tried the chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick, went to Hemingway's house (which was also a cat sanctuary -- like Largo Argentina!!) and walked all around town. It's a raelly sweet little place and I would definitely love to go back!!

And yes I bought the cheesy "Southernmost tip of the US" souveniers...

Lauren said...

I really pretty upset that you didn't bring me any pie! :)

Anonymous said...
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