Travel Lust: Bora Bora

I love to travel. But being new to the work force, I don't have a lot of time or money to fly to exotic places as often as I'd like. Or heck, even to the fairly ordinary places.

So I give you: Travel Lust Fridays.

Each week I will bring you to a new travel destination that I would love to explore, share some interesting tidbits about the location and, if nothing more, some beautiful pictures.

This week: Bora Bora

Because there is way too much snow on the ground right now.

Enjoy these pictures of this lovely island in the Pacific and let yourself thaw...

That's my bungalow, on the right.
A perfect place for snorkeling or even swimming with sharks!
It's doubtful that I will ever make it to this beautiful island but man, oh man, wouldn't it be nice?

Photos from: Scottdunn.com, guarda.pt, wallpapersphere.com


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