Dining Out: Brady Tavern

Before heading to the ballet Saturday, we decided to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner. We wanted to go somewhere downtown that we hadn't been to yet and we could not have chosen better.

I give you: Brady Tavern.

Situated on Main Street in the Brady Arts District, this little strip of old brick buildings feels unlike any other place in Tulsa. Although I was looking out the upon the rooftops of the Mayo and BOK center, I felt like I was transported to a neighborhood restaurant in New York City.
The interior was covered in dark wood, old pictures, and art that give it  a cozy but crisp feel. They also had a wonderful bar you could cozy up to for hours and share some delicious bar food (including deviled eggs, yum!).
And now for the main event: The food!

While perusing the menu, the waiter brought out an amuse-bouche (or as D calls it: baba ganoush...moush caboose...)- bite-sized pieces of medium-rare steak on a rosemary skewer.

I now want to skewer everything with rosemary. Delicious.

For an appetizer, we ordered the smoked trout dip. Luscious cream cheese with delicate smoked trout and crispy fried capers... HEAVEN! The dip is made for 4-5 people... needless to say the waiter had to take it away from us before we devoured it all.

For the main course, I chose the  risotto cakes. Two creamy yet crispy medallions of risotto topped with tender mushrooms and an arugula salad. Light and delicious. Not to mention elegant.

But I must admit, I had food envy the entire time.

Across the table from me sat this:
The most perfect burger and fries.

D now calls this The Steak Burger because if it had no bun, you would think you were biting into the most tender, delicious steak. It was topped with Stilton cheese that gave it the perfect amount of blue cheese zip and a mushroom cognac cream that made this burger melt in your mouth. Even the bun was amazing! Made of challah bread, it was tender and actually complimented the burger instead of distracting from it.

I almost forgot about the fries! Those crispy, shoestring babies were tossed with rosemary and thin slices of garlic. When doused with malt vinegar they were french fry perfection!

Did I mention that that glorious duo was only $13?

I highly recommend you check out this fabulous restaurant. If not for me, do it for The Steak Burger!

You can check out the rest of their menu here: www.bradytavern.com

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Brian Schwartz said...

These photos are making me hungry! And they never gave me an amuse-bouche!! You should try some of their more elaborate entrees. Grant Vespasian is a master chef. Check out my photo of the awesome pork chop and that amazing chicken.

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