Travel Lust: Santorini, Greece

120 miles of the Greek mainland lies the beautiful volcanic island of Santorini.

  The stunning whitewashed buildings with pops of bright blue fulfill any fantasy you had about Greece. Sitting atop rugged cliffs, it's a straight plunge down to the Aegean Sea.

I don't think I would mind plunging into the Aegean.
If you're in Greece, you need to see some ancient ruins. Head to Akrotiri and see the excavations of this ancient Minoan settlement presumed to be the inspiration for Plato's Atlantis.
Buried by a volcanic eruption, ancient life was frozen in time offering us great relics of the past such as frescos and pottery.
But, of course, you can always just relax and enjoy the view.
I hope some day to visit this spectacular island and enjoy a breathtaking sunset. They must have the best sunsets in the world.

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Have you been to Santorini? How was it?

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