Brunch Time: Caz's Chowhouse

Oh brunch... the joyous pastime of any good weekend. This week,  Caz's Chowhouse was on my radar.

 Caz's, located in Tulsa's Brady Arts District downtown, offers delicious comfort food in a sophisticated atmosphere. Best of both worlds, no?
This chowhouse is a perfect place for a casual brunch, an after church get together, or even a nice dinner before one of Tulsa's numerous downtown performances. Work downtown? They're open for lunch Sunday through Friday- just don't show up Saturday afternoon, due to less traffic they don't open until 5pm!
Caz's only recently started serving brunch on Sundays along side their full menu. Both menus offer the best in comfort food dishes, such as meatloaf, chicken and biscuit (yes only one- it's five inches wide!), chicken fried steak, and chicken and waffles. They also offer a wide array of burgers, salads and sandwiches and many familiar side dishes such as okra, black eyed peas, and their spicy slaw. 

What drew me to this restaurant initially was the fried green tomatoes. I hadn't tried them until this past year's fair and I was glad I didn't have to wait until next fall to get my fix! Such a delicious little treat... crispy corn meal breading... a tart and firm tomato... yum, yum, yum! And Caz's serves theirs with ranch and avocado dipping sauces.
The brunch menu offered up Belgian waffles, breakfast casserole, and chicken fried steak complete with eggs, breakfast potatoes and sausage gravy. But I couldn't get past The Hot Mess. 
Behold: a 5 inch buttermilk biscuit topped with cheese fries (!!!), two eggs cooked to order, sausage gravy, and chicken fried bacon. I could not resist a dish that offered up cheese fries in such an unexpected location. And chicken fried bacon? My curiosity was killing me.

While I may need my coronaries cleaned after devouring barely a third of this dish, it was so worth it. Each part was delicious on its own, but pile them all together and you have a comfort food masterpiece. And chicken fried bacon? Incredible! Paula Deen would be proud. But let me suggest- share this puppy with a friend!

If you want to add a little frill to your brunch, try one of their sparkling fruit cocktails with such flavors as blueberry and pomegranate for only $2.50. Even better- enjoy it on their outdoor patio. They also offer Bloody Marys for $5.25 and their beers rang from $2.50-$4.25. Not bad for downtown!

To check out the rest of the menu or their nightly specials, such as $5 burger Mondays, visit their website. And the next time you're craving some down home cooking- you know where to go!

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