Peppercorn: Boudler, Colorado

I have found my personal heaven- it lies on Pearl Street Mall in Downtown Boulder. It's called Peppercorn.

Founded in 1977, Peppercorn crams into 12,000 square feet every kitchen item you could possibly dream of and plenty you have never seen before. From hard to find and imported pantry items to kitchen gadgets and cookware- they have it all. There's even a bed and bath section as well!
Food enthusiasts beware. If you ever make it up to Boulder to visit this charming store, know that you will never be the same again. There are more gadgets and goodies than you will ever find in Williams-Sonoma and they're offered at phenomenal prices! It's a good thing I had only a small suitcase with me or I would have been in big trouble. Next time I'm bringing a U-haul!

The store was nicely laid out into departments, if you will. There was a section for foods, beverages such as coffee and tea, spices, cookware, kitchen gadgets and appliances, baking, grilling, table linens, and books with beautiful displays of table settings interspersed throughout. Upstairs, (yes- there's an upstairs!) there was an area devoted to bed and bath with lovely soaps and candles and beautiful bedding.
Amongst the food items were cookies and candies from around the world, a plethora of jams, jellies and honeys and rarer items such as treacle and Marmite. There were a lot of "ohmigosh they have xyz" moments! They also offered plenty of Colorado-made delicacies so you can bring a taste of the Rockies into your kitchen.

Check out this collection of hot sauces! Wow-wee!
I loved how many different types of an item there were to chose from- it allows you to give a interesting a personal touch to your kitchen. Just look at all of these wooden spoons! And only around $5 each!
The baking section was fantastic- there was every pan, mold, and cookie cutter you could imagine. You could even take your pick from these many different kinds of measuring cups and spoons.
The most spectacular part of Peppercorn for me was the cookbook section. I have a thing for books already, but when they're about food it goes to a whole 'nother level. When I saw this huge section devoted to cookbooks, arranged by their various topics, I literally had a physical reaction to its wonder. My palms were sweaty, I needed to roll up my sleeves suddenly... this was mostly due to the fact that I wanted to grab a copy of each book and devour their contents immediately but knew I wouldn't even be taking one book home with me. I'm still going through withdrawal. I did manage to write down a list of titles to add to my collection later!
Though I didn't come out with any books, I did get several treasures that will bring fond memories of this shop and my visit to Colorado.
I finally got a stovetop espresso maker like the one we had in our Roman apartment- so charming! I also picked up a beautiful demitasse  and saucer in which to enjoy it. I have been wanting to find a beautiful container for my coarse salt and I think this white porcelain jar with the lion detail is stunning. Last but not least- I found the digestive biscuits we always ate in Rome. These British treats are very similar to our graham crackers and are great with a bit of Nutella (or a lot). 

Peppercorn offers limited merchandise through their online store. To get the full experience of this independently-owned store, you'll just have to see it yourself.

Have you booked your plane ticket yet?


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