Dining Out: Yokozuna

Can't think of a place for dinner this weekend? Why not enjoy delicious Pan-Asian cuisine at Yokozuna in Tulsa's Blue Dome District downtown! From sushi to Pad Thai to chicken ramen, Yokozuna has an excellent mix of everyone's favorite Asian cuisine under one roof.

Along with great food, Yokozuna's atmosphere provides the urban experience you want when visiting Tulsa's revamped downtown. I love the mix of materials in the dining area with its exposed brick  interspersed with wooden wall coverings and exposed steel beams on the ceiling. There is also a stunning cypress wood bar where you can belly up for some sake.

One thing I love about writing this blog is that it gives me a great excuse to try more things on the menu than normal- it's for the sake of my readers! So, please, do not be offended by the absurd amount of food we ordered. It was in the name of research.

For starter: steamed buns with pork and sriracha chicken.
I love the sticky texture that steamed buns have- it gives the same comforting feeling as a warm dumpling. The sriracha chicken was wonderfully crispy on the outside but succulent and juicy on the inside with a sweet heat that didn't linger too long. The pork, although a little dry, had a great sweetness to it as well.

Love steamed buns? Every Monday is Bunday with $1 buns and $5 Kirin light after 5pm! Hooray!

For our entree, we decided to go with sushi. I just love sushi- it fulfills the need I have to try everything on the menu at once. On a previous visit, I tried  their chicken chili ramen and Pad Thai- both were fresh and delicious. Don't worry, it's nothing like the ramen you had in college.
Mmmm... Geisha's Demise. The sweet and spicy dipping sauce for this seared yellowfin and crab roll really makes it stand out!
Look at those beauties. Here we have the Hot Mess, Dilly Roll, and the Red Cross Roll. Each of them were amazing in their own way!

The Hot Mess is a pile of spicy, creamy goodness topped with a crispy wonton for good measure. The Dilly Roll was out of this world- Yokozuna brings the classic combination of dill and salmon to the sushi realm and knocks it out of the park!

My favorite of the evening had to be the Red Cross Roll- and it's for a good cause! For every roll purchased, Yokozuna donates $10 to the Japanese Red Cross to aid in their disaster relief efforts. So far, they have raised $1,500 and will be continuing to sell the roll until the end of March. Fried asparagus, avocado and crab are topped with tuna tartar, spicy mayo and a scallion-ginger infused oil to bring a fresh burst of flavor to your mouth. Don't worry, the waitress assured me they have all ingredients on hand in case this roll doesn't make it to their menu later.

We noticed at the end of the meal that we hadn't emptied the soy sauce bottle as usual. In fact, we didn't hardly use any soy at all. These rolls were that good!

At the end of our meal, I got the perfect dessert:
Gotta love their personalized fortune cookies!

Stop by Yokozuna for half priced sushi on a selection of rolls Monday-Friday 3-6pm and Friday-Saturday 10pm-12am.  Also, Red Bull vodkas are $5 Thursday-Saturday 9pm-close!

Want to learn how to make your own sushi creations? On April 3rd at 7pm, Yokozuna will be offering a sushi class for $60!

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