What's in Your Garden?

Oh, how I love spring. The days get longer, things are green again, and you can grow delicious things right in your back yard. This is what's growing on my back deck:

From Garden Trug I picked up some sweet basil, and lavender...
And some thyme and dill...
Also cilantro, Italian parsley and mint from Urban Garden...
Let's not forget the tarragon I got at the farmers' market:
  Little did I know, some of the herbs I planted last year were perennials!
The sage and chives came back in abundance, both bearing flowers. Did you know sage flowered?
And slowly, but surely the rosemary and oregano are making a comeback.

I'm debating also planting some meyer lemon trees. I never seem to have a lemon when I need one!

What's growing in your garden? Do you have any green thumb tips?


Devouring the Seasons said...

Your herbs look beautiful! In that past I've mostly grown herbs, but my husband and I are tackling a full-on veggie garden this year. We've got broccoli plants that are now monstrous (started from plants, not seed), and our lettuce, spinach, onions, potatoes, and carrots (all started from seed) are all sprouting big and strong! We're trying out successive planting this year, so I just sowed some more lettuce & spinach seed yesterday, in the hopes of extending our harvest. Next we're going to get our pepper and tomato plants in the ground (didn't have the guts to do these from seed) and see what else we can populate our yard with. An added bonus: it makes for less grass to mow. ;)


Lauren said...

Wow, you are adventurous! Did you start the seeds inside or sow them directly into the soil? Maybe some day I'll venture into the vegetables but right now I'll stick with herbs- they can stand to be neglected a bit!

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