Travel Lust: Santiago, Chile

There was a No Reservations marathon on last weekend; I couldn't help but be sucked in for a good part of my Sunday. An episode about Santiago, Chile really surprised me- with its skyscrapers it was a lot bigger and more modern than I expected. After that episode, it has made it to my ever-growing to-travel-to list!

Check out that view!
 The Andes Mountains make the Rockies look like ant hills in comparison!
Santa Lucia Hill is a beautiful tourist spot...
As is the National Cathedral...
The city offers beautiful architecture, like Santiago Stock Exchange building.

Have you visited Santiago? What did you love about it?

Photos from: beachcomberpete.com, chile.ca, members.virtualtourist.com/m/6590b/17c6e8/, alovelyworld.com, dailygalaxy.com


Freddie Mac said...

I visited Santiago many times and i like the most Cathedral to visit. Chile is a place with full of adventure and fun.

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