The Sweeter Side of Brady Tavern

Though far from short on trips to Brady Tavern, I have yet to make it to the end of the meal with room for dessert. While dining at their chef's table back in the kitchen for my birthday, I figured it was not an option at this point- I would manage to fit a sweet treat in somehow! And a perfect night to indulge it was as numerous diners allowed for greater sampling of the dessert menu!

Though the menu at Brady Tavern changes frequently, it seems some items have stayed longer than others. One of them being the butterscotch bread pudding. And there is good reason for that.
Stealing a bite across the table, I had instant dessert envy. This is the best bread pudding that has ever touched my lips. The pudding was perfectly gooey  and with just the right amount of butterscotch as to not overwhelm. Served along side a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a shard of brittle,  it was love at first bite.
Also appearing on the menu this night was a mascarpone cheese cake decorated with gorgeous mixed berries and starfruit. The presentation was so captivating that even the waitress was taking photos of this stunning dessert. Differing from your traditional cheese cake made with cream cheese, the mascarpone made for an incredibly dense cake with a texture that felt intriguing on the tongue. It was so simple and yet so elegant.

One dessert did not make it into a photograph- the meyer lemon tart topped with a lemon crème chantilly. It smelled so good that seconds after hitting the table it would not have made for a pretty picture! Being sweeter and less acidic than a typical lemon, meyer lemon gave the tart a brightness in flavor that almost made you forget you had already eaten a huge meal. It is the perfect springtime dessert.
If you are looking for a lighter sweet treat to finish your meal, the sorbet du jour is the perfect option. On this evening, strawberry razzmatazz was the delicious flavor that sent spoons launching from all corners of the table. Cool and refreshing, it would go perfectly with a glass of some bubbly!

If you've yet to visit Brady Tavern, you are missing out! With an ever changing menu focusing on what is fresh and in season and with ingredients selected from Tulsa's own farmers' market, this restaurant really focuses on respecting food. And it keeps me coming back for more! If you are interested in having a behind the scenes look at their operations,  call and reserve the chef's table at no extra cost for parties of six or more. It is quite the experience!

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You ate at Chef's Table and all we hear about is dessert?? We want more! Brian S.

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