Lunabread: Fresh, Local, Cajun

If you're not paying attention you just might miss the best thing to ever happen to you. With nothing more than a small, metal sign hanging by the road, you could easily miss your turn into Lunabread as you drive down 15th Street.

It wasn't a flashy store front or extensive ad campaign that brought me into Lunabread. It was simply their bread. I had passed their stall at the Cherry Street Farmers' Market one Saturday and eyed their goodies with curiosity; it wasn't until I saw them at the Pearl Farmers' Market, totting freshly baked brioche and French bread, that I decided to find out what they were all about.

The picturesque baguette sat in my passenger seat, begging for me to tear into it. I somehow endured the five minute ride, its aroma filling the air, with not even a nibble. Once a bread knife was in reach, I can't say it was around for much longer. The beautiful baguette, with its crispy crust and tender, chewy center took me right back to Paris.

Previously operating as solely a market, Lunabread opened its dining room at the first of the year to serve three square meals a day. With a huge Cajun influence and an emphasis on local ingredients, this food will knock your socks off! One afternoon, I decided to pop in to grab a bite to go. It was life changing. I followed my instincts and ordered the Big Easy, their ham po' boy: baked ham, Tabasco slaw, pickled okra and red-eye gravy piled atop their handmade French bread.
The first bite sent me literally skipping around the table. This was not just a sandwich, this was a freakin' SANDWICH! I didn't know lunch could be this good- it was perfectly spicy and had a nice crunch and coolness from the slaw. And how have I lived my life up until this point without red-eye gravy?! It was so packed with flavor it was unbelievable.

I ran into Chris Foster, the owner and man responsible for this concoction, at the farmers' market and professed my undying love for the Big Easy. His red-eye gravy, he said, is made in part with ham drippings, coffee and beer. Well, no wonder I love it so much! Another reason to adore Lunabread is their ever changing menu inspired by fresh ingredients. Chris went on to tell me that they had gotten in a limited batch of soft-shell crabs that weekend to fry up for another delicious po' boy. Either it was cold that morning or his sandwich talk gave me goosebumps.

Don't let me mislead you, Lunabread is way more than just sandwiches. Sample the ettouffée of the day, a cup of tomato bisque or maybe try their chicken fricassee. Next time you make it to the market, stop by their stand for a breakfast treat while your peruse the produce. On my most recent visit I tried their crab cake po' boy with a side of Cajun fries- another success- and their crab boil potato salad is far from ordinary (i.e. delicious). If you're feeling thirsty grab a handmade ginger cream ale- refreshing and mighty tasty.
Crab Boil Potato Salad
Recently, Lunabread has begun serving dinner, prepared by chef Paul Wilson. Visit this review to read more about it. If you're looking for a fine dining experience, they have that, too! Opal is a 3, 7, or 9 course menu complete with wine parings by reservation only. You can visit this review to read more about the experience.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, I urge you to visit Lunabread and support their amazing food. Just be sure to leave some red-eye gravy for me!

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