Bedrest Boredom: Finding a Cure

So, I had my appendix out last Friday. Luckily I caught it very early- that's the beauty of working with doctors! Aside from getting the IV put in, the bed rest has been the worst part- and it's at least for a whole week!

Normally, I look forward to time at home and wish I had more of it. Time to clean, cook, organize, and put together my long overdue scrapbooks. But when you're forced to stay home and you're not quite in tip top shape, all that time at home is lost on you. Whenever I think about doing something, I find I don't have the desire or energy to do so. If it can't be done from the couch, it's not going to happen. So, for anyone else out there whose doctor has punished them with days sans sunlight, here's a list of things to do that might ease the boredom just a little bit.

  • Take a nap. I know it's a no brainer, but sleep in! Sleep whenever you feel like it- heck even fall asleep in the middle of things! When you're back to work you will regret not sleeping more. 
  • Start a reading challenge on Goodreads.com. Set a goal for how many books you can read by the end of the year. So far, I've read 4 out of 30 just since I've been home! And the website also has great book lists and reviews if you have someone to pop out to the bookstore for you. Click here to get started. 
  • Reread your favorite books. Now is the perfect time to reread say, Harry Potter? You have the time!
  • Catch up on your favorite shows. Check your cable listings for your favorite shows On Demand, or if you have a Netflix account queue them up or watch them instantly. You can also watch a lot of shows for free on network website, hulu.com and xfinity.com. Rent a whole series of a show and you'll have hours of entertainment. 
  • Train your dogs. If you have dogs, they are probably becoming extremely spoiled by your never-ending presence. Time to give them a little discipline! Whether your dog needs a little refresher or you want to teach them something cute, like to yawn or roll over, this website has it all: Loveyourdog.com
  • Paint your nails. Hey, you don't have to reach for your keys after this manicure- that means no messing up wet polish!
  • Clean out your computer. Computers fill up just like your closet. Go through all of your files, music, and pictures and get rid of anything you don't need. After you back everything up, of course. 
  • Create a signature milkshake. I haven't felt much like regular food but a milkshake always sounds good. Create your own milkshake with what you have in the house. Maybe vanilla ice cream with fresh banana and chocolate syrup? Or maybe peanut butter instead of chocolate? Fruit, nuts, cookies, candies, Nutella, jams- the possibilites are endless!
  • Play mindless games. This is my favorite mindless online game- Bubble Town. I think I like it because it reminds me of playing Snood in middle school. Pogo, GSNAddicting Games, Yahoo!, and PopCap all have free games that will help waste away your bed rest. You can also try some sudoku or crossword puzzles
  • Splurge on some good take out. Just because you're stuck at home is no reason not to eat well, if you have the appetite. Check your local listings to see which restaurants deliver. Here's a link to Tulsa.
  • StumbleUpon. If you haven't discovered StumbleUpon now is the time. You can create an account listing your interests and hit the magic button and it will send you to random, entertaining websites. It's a great place to find new recipes and crafts.
  • Have a laugh. Any of these websites will have you rolling. Just hope it doesn't hurt.
    • Texts from Last Night- amazingly funny, but careful- they can be graphic!
    • People of WalMart- hysterical photos of the creatures of WalMart. Yes, a lot are taken in Oklahoma.
    • Damn You, Auto Correct- one of my favorites because they were unintentional. 
    • Lamebook- capturing all the thing people dare to put on Facebook against their better judgement.
    • F My Life- horrible things that happened to other people. Good for a pick-me-up!
    • Awkward Family Photos- a classic. You can't make this up.
  • Catch up with friends and family. You have plenty of time to talk on the phone now!
  • Discover new blogs. The material on the internet is endless. You can sign up with BlogLovin' to keep up with your favorite site and discover new ones by searching through categories. Have a blog of your own? List it on this site to get more traffic.
  • Pin it. Instead of adding to your long list of internet bookmarks, try Pintrest. You can "pin" a photo from any website and categorize them accordingly all while saving the link. It's what I like to do with my magazines but digital!
Well, that's about all I can think of now. It might me time to take another nap! Happy bedrest, get well soon!


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