Avocado Tree: Day 36

I realize I have been apologizing for my absence a lot lately... will you forgive me?

Between my Costa Rican getaway, shopping for a friend's wedding dress and D's family reunion I haven't had much time to be inspired. And then I had to have my appendix out. There is nothing fun about a week of bed rest!

The avocado is alive! Turns out I have a green thumb- at least chartreuse at this point. Despite leaving it with my mother over vacation, it sprouted a root! And all within the 6 weeks that the website promised.

I'm still lacking any foliage on the top side. I'm trying to be patient and not peel of the seed's skin- it's very tempting. I hope it comes soon- photosynthesis and all is pretty important.

And in a few short years it will produce an actual avocado! Gardening is good for patience. Things happen whenever they happen... it's a trait I need to learn!

Any of you try to start growing an avocado? I've been told you can do this with a mango seed too! Click here to read the first post about getting started!


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