Travel Lust: Rome

This week's Travel Lust is not about a place I wish to go but a place to which I wish I could go back: Rome, Italy. I am so thankful I was able to spend a semester there in college and have some of the most amazing experiences. Rome is a magical city. Enjoy some of my photos I took when I was there!

There is always something ancient lurking around every corner in Rome, like Largo Argentina. Ancient temples make a surprising appearance at the middle of this busy thoroughfare. This also happens to be where stray cats are kept- we called it the Cat Sanctuary!
The Pantheon is one of my favorite monuments in Rome. And down a nearby cobbled street you will find the best espresso granita on the planet.
Staring up at the oculus, you cannot help but be in awe of the building's perfection. And to think they accomplished that without our modern technologies!
Another Roman favorite: the Trevi Fountain. Brings to mind scenes from Roman Holiday and The Lizzie McGuire Movie La Dolce Vita.
From the Colosseum, you can walk straight into the Roman Forum.
I used to know what most of the ruins in this picture are, but it has been a long time since Art History!
Let's not forget the iconic Spanish Steps. Grab a refreshing drink from the fountain at its base and then stroll down the street ahead and window shop at fancy designer stores.
When you need a break from the big city, head to the Borghese Gardens and take a row boat out on the pond. A perfect get away.

Of course, a trip to Rome wouldn't be complete without plenty of espresso, pasta, panini, and gelato!

Have you spent time in Rome? Do you dream of some day visiting?


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