Red Hook Lobster Pound: Where DC Gets Its Lobster Rolls

Popping into the airport newsstand on my way to Washington, D.C., I debated whether or not to pick up the latest issue of Bon Appetit magazine. In the end, I decided it was a good way to spend my $5- and I am sure glad that I did.

Settled into my window seat, I pull out my crisp, new read and start flipping through the pages until something stoped me. The most beautiful of lobster rolls- a food I had yet to try. Looking closer at the photo's caption, I saw that this beautiful creation belonged to none other than Red Hook Lobster Pound food truck in Washington D.C.

This was obviously an act of God. Once we deplaned for our connecting flight I immediately started looking up this great food find to see how to get my hands on one.

Begun in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York, the hubby and wife business owners drive to Maine weekly to bring their customers the freshest Maine lobsters and the tasty JJ Nissen buns in which they serve their catch. That is dedication you can taste!
To get your hands on one of these tasty rolls, you first have to find the truck. It helps to have your smartphone on you- Red Hook shares their latest pit stop on their Twitter account!

After getting some culture in at the American History Museum my first day in town, I decided I couldn't wait anymore- I had to have a lobster roll now! I whipped out my phone to see where the latest stop was. Alas! Precious lobster rolls stood only a mile away! The walk would be a breeze!

Or so I thought. Making our way past the Capital Building and the Washington Monument we noticed some storm clouds rolling in, but we kept on walking. And then it started to sprinkle just a little. And then... ouch! Yep, it hailed on us.

Nothing was going to come between me and my lobster roll- after all it was fate that I have one! We forged on- wet, cold and with a few dings here and there. Finally, as the sun was starting to peek from behind the clouds we found what we had been searching for.
You would think that the weather would deter customers but in fact there was a long line of equally damp patrons waiting for their piece of Maine. That means it's gonna be good.

The truck offered your traditional lobster roll Maine-style (with mayo) or Connecticut-style (with warm butter) as well as shrimp rolls, clam chowder, and whoopie pies. They also dispensed Maine Root soda from the side of the truck with flavors such as orange creme, sasparilla, and root beer. If you find it in your local Whole Foods- buy some! This all natural, handcrafted soda is really something special!

Now to the Maine event, if you will:
Big chunks of sweet lobster- including claw meat- tossed lightly in mayo, seasoned ever so slightly and complimented by a perfectly toasty, buttery bun. I practically died. If they weren't $15 I would have had another!

This was well worth taking an ice pellet to the head.

In D.C. anytime soon? Whatever you do, don't leave without tracking down this food truck. Who knows, you might even see some historic monuments in the process!

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Rick miller said...

I follow Red Hook on Twitter, Haven't tried their food yet. Other must tries in DC, Boquita's 19th & m NW, Bistro du Coin Conn & Fla, upper DuPonte, and Cafe Rumba in Adams Morgan.

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