Spiceology: Where Tulsa Gets Its Spice On

Looking for an exotic spice to add to your collection or a hard to find herb to complete a recipe? Head to Spiceology in Tulsa's Farm Shopping Center at 51st and Sheridan!

Opened at the beginning of the year, the owners of this specialty store get their herbs, spices, and seasonings straight from their sources and bottle them in the shop.
From more familiar seasonings such as anise and oregano to exotic spices that send me clamoring for Google- Ethiopian Berbere and ras el hanout- this shop has a little something for everyone with new items in frequently. Along with providing quality ingredients, the store produces its own custom blends with catchy names, such as My Big Fat Greek Seasoning and Mambo Italiano. You can also pick up a prepackaged spice box with an assortment of seasonings that play on a particular cuisine- makes a great gift!
Catching my eye was their array of flavored sea salts- rose, alderwood smoked, chipotle, and balsamic. I wonder what great things you could do with those? Maybe freshly cracked atop creamy ricotta spread on a slice of toasted French bread to really showcase their flavor!

I visited this store in search of a particular seasoning- cardamom, commonly used in Indian cuisine. I easily found what I needed but I wasn't quite sure how much I would need for my recipe (you'll hear about that later!). Expressing my concern to the shop owner, she quickly looked up a similar recipe so that I could ensure I had enough for my dish. Now that's service! The greatest part about my purchase- it was a fraction of the cost of buying it at Whole Foods!
Spiceology really has something great going on- fresh, unique products at fair prices. Since my trip into the store, Amanda Gettys, the store's Executive Manager, has informed me that they have added great seasoning accessories to their offerings such as mortar and pestles, shakers and grinders. Sadly, food samples are not an option for them right now- probably a good thing or else I might eat through all their stock! Can't wait to see what else is to come for this great little shop!

To get more information on Spiceology, you can visit their Twitter or Facebook pages! Show some love and follow them!


Amanda said...

Hi Lauren,
I remember you coming in. What a great blog topic! Thank you so much, we really appreciate it! Just to let you know, since I'm not sure what month you came in, we do have mortar and pestles, salt and pepper shakers and grinders, as well as many other accessories. We may feature samples in the future, but at this time it is not a possibility, but we are always interested. Again, thank you for this great post about us!

Amanda Gettys
Spiceology Executive Manager

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making us aware of theis wonderful new resource! Other sources... Mecca on Peoria and 33 St sells spices by weight... this is great for leafy spices with big volume; one ounce of a spice like that might be so big it will fill 3 bottles yet cost under $1. Also, Mexican, African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets will have the spices of their homelands. For instance, at Al Sultan on 51 St, you can get a huge foot-long bag of Jordanian za'atar for $4. Brian S.

Lauren said...

Amanda- I'm excited to check out all of your accessories! Can't wait to stop back in to pick out a new spice to try- I love to try out new flavors.

Brian- I always forget about Mecca, thanks for the reminder! They have great gifts there, too. I'll have to check out Al Sultan. A friend of mine also told me about Nam-Hai market that I've been dying to visit.

Devouring the Seasons said...

I plan on checking this out this weekend! Thanks for the heads up, it sounds amazing!


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