Breakfast at Ted's Bulletin

I am so happy to be marrying a man who knows the importance of researching and planning out meals before traveling to a new city. Or heck, even on a weekend. You never know what you could be missing if you just grab a bite at the closest joint.

So when D was planning our day trip to Washington, DC, he had one thing set in stone- the meals. After a series of Google searches, he found the perfect place: Ted's Bulletin. With its old-timey feel and fresh, fun menu- this was the perfect place!

The first thing you'll notice when you walk in the door is trays of homemade toaster pastries complete with sprinkles. That's right, you heard me. On the menu that day was strawberry, cherry, brown sugar, blueberry cheesecake and none other than peanut butter bacon. Doesn't that just make you smile??
Making your way to the dining room you pass the amazing bar with authentic Art Deco details that the restaurant salvaged from the Philadelphia Civic Center from 1928, along with the rest of the restaurant's decor. It looks like it belongs in the lobby of an old New York sky scraper. The only detail that keeps you from believing you've stepped back in time is their list of adult, liquor-spiked milkshakes, as well as ones for the kiddos. If only it hadn't been breakfast!
The dining room was equally as charming with an old Shirley Temple movie playing from the projector and the wait staff in crisp, white shirts and ties. My favorite touch was the menu.
Made to look like an old paper from 1928, it showcases not only the menu but clever articles about the restaurant and even old advertisements. So clever!
Now for the good stuff- the food! D decided on The Walk of Shame Breakfast Burrito stuffed with sirloin steak, eggs, hash browns, cheese and green chili sauce. Putting the green chili inside the burrito made all the flavors meld together and gave it great texture. This baby definitely lives up to its name- it would be great after a late night! 
And yes, that is a blueberry cheesecake toaster pastry. It was delicious! The pastry was super buttery and flaky and the not-too-sweet filling was still warm from the oven. Puts Poptarts to shame. I wish we had gotten one in every flavor!
I had the T.U.B.S.- the Ted's Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich. And it was ultimate- I could barely eat half! The crispy Texas toast housed crunchy bacon, sweet and savory sausage, cheese, scrambled eggs and a fried egg. It was huge and tasty! And for my side, I couldn't help ordering the cheese grits. So creamy and cheesy, I didn't dare leave any behind. 

The next time you visit DC or are on Capitol Hill, I highly recommend you check out Ted's Bulletin. Their lunch and dinner menus look awesome and they serve breakfast all day! We made a reservation just in case and quickly got seated, even when the Metro put us an hour behind! 

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M. J. Joachim said...

That looks like a great place to visit and the food look good too! I have to agree, eating great food is definitely top of my list too:)

Amy - while wearing heels said...

Oh my...that all sounds amazing. Liquor spiked milk shakes, too, huh? Great pictures and great post. I found you via the bloglovin hop and am your newest bloglovin follower! I can't wait to see what you post next that makes my belly grumble.

amy @ whilewearingheels@gmail.com

Lauren said...

@Amy - while wearing heelsThanks for the follow! So glad you enjoy my blog. I'm your newest follower as well :)

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