Spring Tease

Oklahoma weather can be likened to an menopausal woman with fluctuations as temperamental as the worst of hot flashes. The weather changes as quickly as it has arrived and the extremes can be quite amazing. This past Saturday, for instance, we had record breaking temperatures of 76 degrees!


I am not one for cold weather- one of the reasons I did not stay in Colorado after college. The dreary weather really cramps my style! No more trips to the park, barbecuing, swimming... and not to mention all of the clothes I cannot wear. And those measly 10 hours of sunlight? I don't see a single ray when I'm working a 10 hour shift.

So when this freak heatwave hit-man was I going to make the most of it! The thing I was dying to do the most was take my puppies out to the dog park. They had begun to look a little lazy...

We loaded into the car and headed down Riverside to make the trek to South Tulsa. Though Maggie is not the biggest fan of car rides, Charlie didn't seem to mind the commute.
Much to my disappointment, we found the dog park closed until grass grows back in the spring. That means the Groundhog has some serious work to do on Wednesday.

Despite Mags and Charles being unable to romp with other pups, we spent over an hour walking around the park and following trails I had no idea even existed. And get this- I even ran some! This time I did not feel as if my lungs were bleeding nor did I double over in pain. Oh, progress! And to my amazement the dogs didn't even trip me once!

The most noticeable thing about Saturday was how many people were out and about. Every park we passed was jammed with people of all ages! Everyone was soaking up the sunshine- the city had some blood coursing through its veins again. I felt as if someone had recharged my batteries- sunshine was all it took!

But now, I am at home preparing for a blizzard merely three days later- again with record-breaking predictions.
Let's just hope I don't get stuck at work tomorrow. Hospitals are creepy places to stay the night.


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