The Beginning

I feel that any new blog probably begins in the same fashion- the telling of the blog's inspiration.

So that is exactly what I will do.

I am not one to gush personal feelings or information to complete strangers but after stumbling upon some very interesting blogs on various topics it got me thinking about all of the things I would like to be doing with my life. After a long 10-12 hour day of work, it's often difficult to come home and want to do something besides be still. I decided that a blog would be the perfect bit of motivation I would need to explore all of the interests that I am dying to satisfy. And hey, maybe someone will find it interesting.

Here is an assortment of things that I would rather do with my now wasted time:

  • cook
  • bake
  • learn how to make pasta from scratch
  • train my dogs
  • learn how to sew
  • scrapbook
  • read
  • create something I can sell
  • knit
  • cross stitch
  • photography
  • craft projects
  • gardening
  • watch classic movies
  • travel
  • eat at new places
  • attend performances around town
  • go to concerts
  • learn how to play tennis
  • be able to run a mile
  • exercise
  • organize
  • entertain
  • decorate
  • visit the zoo
  • visit the museum

So, tomorrow on my day off I will begin my journey of becoming a blogger.


Taylor said...

Oh! This is going to be good. (I almost used this background haha).
I will teach you to sew, learn photography with you (and share a few good sites), go to concerts/performances (not country), travel, organize, scrapbook, and create with you!!! haha ANNNND I know how to make pasta from scratch! lol ... well my friend showed me once. I'm excited you made a blog. I'm your first follower!!

Lauren said...

The shock that out of all people you have learned how to make pasta from scratch! I didn't think you even liked to cook! Thanks for following me and offering to join me :)

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